Support Group Resources

Dr. Frida (Fredie) Freidman: Psychotherapist, consultant, educator, lecturer since 199?
Offices in Chicago near the Streetervile area (Michigan Ave & Ohio) and in Northfield

“I am a psychotherapist with offices in Chicago and Northfield, Il. In my private practice, I work with individuals, couples, families and groups and specialize in the following areas: trauma, depression, anxiety, multi-problem complicated mental health issues, adjustment disorders, attachment disorders, family dynamic issues. I utilize various approaches, including psychodynamic, Dialectical Behavior Therapy [DBT], ACT, FAP and mind-body work together with mindfulness techniques. Additionally: I am at Cathedral Counseling Center where I run DBT programs, specifically a staff consultation and training program and client skills training groups. I am a faculty member at the Institute for Clinical Social Work, where I work collaboratively with Ph.D. students on their dissertations and clinical consultations and teach courses on Disorders of Adulthood, trauma, attachment disorders, and emotion dysregulation.I have written articles, chapters and a book on these topics and have a best-selling book Surviving a Borderline Parent (Harbinger Press).”

She is willing provide services on a sliding scale, and/or bill insurance where available and appropriate. She will also gladly refer out or assist in finding additional resources if desired.

The Center for Contextual Change: a clinic/center with many therapist options and comes highly recommended by Thresholds.
Offices at 821 W Van Buren, Chicago and 9239 Gross Point Rd, Skokie

“Known for our dynamic treatment of trauma, violence and the effects of abusive behaviors, we base our therapeutic process on a unique treatment, The Collaborative Stage Model (CSM). Co-created by Mary Jo Barrett, MSW, the founder of the Center for Contextual Change, CSM is a solution-focused, three-stage model aimed at facilitating change through collaboration between the client and therapist.

The Center is committed to ensuring therapy is affordable and accessible regardless of your financial circumstance. We also believe that the headaches associated with accessing your insurance benefits should not stand in your way. Because of this we submit claims, obtain authorizations and handle all of the necessary paperwork for you.”

Dr. Nina Riccardi, LCSW, Cathedral Counseling Center:
Office at 50 E. Washington St., Suite 301, Chicago

“Nina returns to Cathedral Counseling Center full time as Director of Professional Development after many years as a staff therapist. Her most recent previous post was as Internship Coordinator at the School of Social Work at Loyola University of Chicago. She spent more than 10 years as a medical social worker specializing in women’s health. Her clinical interests center on anxiety disorders, women’s transitions and adjustment to health crises. She brings creative learning opportunities to the staff and community in this new role. Nina is a member of Cathedral’s DBT team and is currently in training as a DBT group co-facilitator.”

Jaime Henry-Juravic, LMFT: Staff Therapist—9 years in practice, Northwestern graduate
The Family Institute at Northwestern University
8 S. Michigan Ave. 11th Floor Chicago
847-733-4300 ext 607

“To seek therapy takes courage and curiosity. The process of therapy gives us the opportunity to explore the impact of the multiple systems with which we are connected- family, work, home, friends, community- in the context of an affirming relationship with the therapist. Through this process, we come to better understand how we have interacted with these systems over time, the strategies we have developed to navigate them successfully, and how these systems have impacted us, contributing to both opportunities and challenges. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with experience working with Individuals, Couples, and Families, I approach my work from a systemic and integrative perspective. Understanding that people are unique, complex, and influenced by multiple experiences in multiple contexts, what “works” for one person, may not “work” for another.

Additionally, I utilize my background in classical modern dance to inform my understanding of the interconnectedness of mind and body, and the crucial role this connection plays in all of our experiences. When appropriate, I incorporate a mind/body approach with clients through the practice of mindfulness.”

CAASE: Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation
307 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 1818, Chicago

“CAASE addresses the culture, institutions, and individuals that perpetrate, profit from, or support sexual exploitation. Our work includes prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services.”

Dr. Deborah Hellerstein, Clinical Social Work/Therapist , PhD , LCSW
30 N Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60602

“It’s important to trust the therapist you pick will understand and help you. I earned my master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago in 1983. After practicing as a psychotherapist for several years, I decided to pursue a long-standing interest I had in the arts. I enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I continued to work part-time as a social worker. After graduating from art school I went back to working full-time as a psychotherapist. Several years later, I participated in a one-year fellowship at the Institute for Psychoanalysis in Chicago, which persuaded me to plunge in and get a Ph.D. I selected the Ph.D. program at the Institute for Clinical Social Work. My dissertation combined my interest in psychology and art. I met with many different types of artists and explored aspects of their creative process with them. This knowledge along with my background in the arts has guided me in developing a subspecialty helping artists, actors, writers, students and teaching professionals. I consider therapy a conversation with both of us bringing our expertise. You are an expert on yourself and I know about psychological motivations. In therapy we will emphasize your current life but in the context of considering how your past might be contributing to your present problems. I work hard to make therapy feel safe and welcome the opportunity to work with you.”

She is willing provide services on a sliding scale, and/or bill insurance where available and appropriate.

Melissa A. Sanchez, Counselor , LPC , BC-DMT
155 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 603
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Heartwood Center for Body, Mind, Spirit
1818 Dempster Street
Evanston, Illinois 60202

“I am a therapist, dance/movement therapist and mindfulness meditation teacher in the Chicago area. My passion is providing support and guidance to anyone seeking ease from emotional struggles. I have experience working with people adjusting to life changes as well as all stages of recovery from addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dementia. My practice is stemmed in trauma-focused healing as well as providing holistic therapy to induce compassionate healing. I am a strong proponent of providing access to quality healthcare and healing services to all people, regardless of income or socioeconomic background. My work as a dance/movement therapist and meditation teacher exist in tandem to provide guidance in discovering a mind/body connection useful in recovery and becoming more acquainted with each person’s ability to heal and develop as a unique individual. I have experience working in a variety of settings including inpatient, residential, outpatient and private settings. I am available for individual, group and family sessions.”