Sample Agreements

We recognize a commitment to a safe and productive partnership, and strive to ensure that basic written agreements will be presented to all parties hired. An agreement is an arrangement of understanding and intention between two or more parties in relation to their duties and rights in clearly defined terms.

Agreements will include, at a minimum, the following clauses:

  • Schedule – the planned rehearsal and performance schedule
  • Compensation – the amount the participant will be paid, and when that payment will be made
    Responsibilities – a general outline of the responsibilities of the participant
  • Disclosures – any information that should be communicated to the participant in advance of the production. This code of conduct includes a number of suggested disclosures

Please note that the agreements listed on this website are to be used as samples or templates for your theatre company.

Download the Sample Agreements
Actor Agreement [Word Doc | PDF]
Designer Agreement [Word Doc | PDF]
Director Agreement [Word Doc | PDF]
Stage Manager Agreement [Word Doc | PDF]
Technician Agreement [Word Doc | PDF]