Download the Standards

We’re thrilled you’re interested in the Chicago Theatre Standards! Dozens of theatre artists and administrators have contributed to this wholly-free, voluntary, non-legally-binding tool for self-regulation in theatre spaces. The CTS seeks to mentor institutions, theatre-makers, teachers, students, parents and anyone who would like to learn more about procedural preventions and potential responses to unsafe practices, with a special focus on harassment, bullying and discrimination.

The Chicago artists and theatre companies who donated their time and experience, and took risks to implement this document over the course of two years, are excited to share this with you so that no one needs to say “I just thought this is how things go,” or “I didn’t know who to talk to” when faced with unsafe practices and abuse.

Thank you for your interest in The Chicago Theatre Standards, and the belief that we can create a safe space for dangerous work!



(last updated Dec 11, 2017)